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About Us

Mike and Dave Clancy are known throughout British and international ice hockey, as both respected goaltenders and now as coaches, having over 40 years combined experience as goaltenders and 22yrs as coaches, at all levels, from a local club, up to Team GB levels.


Asked about how Clancy’s Goalie Clinic began, Dave explained the background to it: 

‘We’d noticed that in regards to young goalies, over the last 5years, there was no structure when it came to specific goaltender training, so Mike, Dave and a number of other coaches started The England Goalie Training program, initially at Sutton and it was then rolled out across the country. 

As this rolled out, Mike and Dave identified a desperate need for training, designed specifically for goalies, and this brought about the idea of Clancy’s Goalie Clinic, aimed at offering the training, mentoring, and guidance, for young up and coming goaltenders, taking advantage of the experience and skills gained through years of goaltending duties amongst some of the country’s top clubs, and Team GB. It has also allowed many experienced goaltenders to gain new skills and develop their game.

Coaches Quotes


Mike Clancy

"You only get out of it, what you are prepared to put in!"

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Dave Clancy

"You only play your best when you're having fun!"


Michael Clancy

"Enjoy yourself and seize the moment!"

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